Nock Studio Ltd
12-14 Hardman Street,
Blackpool, FY1 3QZ

Bookings: 01253 599 771

Equipment Hire

All hire rates are day rates based upon 8:30am-6:30pm.


Profoto 7a 2400w packs – £30 per day

Profoto 7b 1200w packs – £25 per day

Profoto Pro Heads (Fan Cooled) – £15 per day

Profoto Pro 7b Heads (1200w maximum) – £10 per day

Profoto Ring Flash with Softlight Reflector (Silver) – £20 per day

Profoto Beauty Dishes (Silver or White) – £10 per day

Profoto Beauty Dishes Kit (Grid and Sock) – £5 per day

Profoto Magnum Reflector – £5 per day

Profoto 6ft x 4ft Rectangular Softbox inc Egg Crate – £15 per day

Profoto 150cm/5ft Giant Reflector (Parabolic) – £30 per day

5ft Octobox – £15 per day

Profoto 4ft Octa RFI Softbox inc Egg Crate – £20 per day

Elinchrom 3ft Deep Octa Softbox – £10 per day

Profoto RFi 1×1.3 softbox

120cm x 30cm striplight softboxes with grids

Profoto 7″ Reflectors

10/20/30/40 degree grids for 7” reflectors

Profoto Zoom Reflectors with barn doors

Profoto Grid & Filter Holders

Profoto Snoots

Profoto Hardbox

Profoto Umbrellas shallow White Medium

Profoto Umbrella M Diffusor -1.5

60”/150cm silver/white umbrellas

Profoto Spill Kills

Profoto 5m extension leads

Lighting Grip & Accessories:

40” C stands with 40” grip arm baby’s

40” C stands with turtle bases

30” C stands with turtle bases

20” C stands with turtle bases

Large Arri 12ft light stand on castors

Large boom arm, weighted with rotary head mount

Baby Boom arm

Runway base stand with foldaway legs

Various lightweight stands

Backlight stands

Posing stools

Posing table

Flight cases for Profoto heads

Soft case for heads and 7b generator

Carry cases for 7b packs

Profoto Pro B Universal Charger

Profoto sunsilver/white M reflector

Matthews apple boxes full set

Bowens Jet stream wind machine

Still life shooting table

30”x24” black flags

Reflector stand and holder

Various grip, heads, gel clips

Various lighting gels

Kupo 2.5” Grip heads

Kupo Convi Clamps with spiggots/pins

Professional steam iron and ironing board

Clothes Rail

2 step step ladder

Large aluminium step ladder

Large portable background kit

Manfrotto tripods with various heads



Hasselblad H4X Body – £25 per day

Hasselblad H1 Body – £20 per day

Hasselblad HC 35mm f/3.5 Lens – £20 per day

Hasselblad 80mm f/2.8 HC AF Lens – £15 per day

Hasselblad HC Macro 120mm f/4 Lens – £15 per day

Hasselblad HC 150mm f/3.2 Lens – £15 per day

Hasselblad HC 210mm f/4 Lens – £15 per day

Hasselblad HC 50-110mm f/3.5-4.5 AF Lens – £25 per day

Phase One P65+ Digital Back – £150 per day

Phase One P45 Digital Back – £100 per day